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hey!! you can call me Lobo. this is my spot of the internet to do whatever the hell i want!! mostly im gonna be making pages for various things im super into. i have a lot of interests that i constantly beg people to get into. im

all the gifs i have up here so far are from gifcities. they should be easy to find searching up there. most of them have like 5 different sites that used the same image so i didnt really wanna link to any specific one for credit, since im pretty sure usually the real maker of the gif is lost to time. i may change this in the future.

sorry most of these images dont have alts yet, im gonna have to work on it.

please visit my friends website at! the website is dedicated to fully annotating all the errors in the hyrule historia. its a work in progress still, but aren't all of our websites just kind of constantly a work in progress?

bg image from unsplash, by jeremy perkins.
two barn owls rubbing beaks in a way that looks like kissing