After flirting with maybe someday trying to start reading poetry, I finally got into it after seeing this poem by chance on Pinterest. July in Appalachia, by Keaton St. James.

It reads:

ma says there’s an angel in the creek out behind old mr. henry’s shack. she saw it when she was seven years old, playing by herself while her pa helped mr. henry with his hay bales: sliced her bare foot open on a jagged rock, and the angel swam towards the blood in the water.

ma looked right into the angel’s six blind eyes and asked him, “how come you’re down here, sleepin’ in the mud, when you could be up in heaven, plantin’ sunflowers for god?”

his wings were like a dragonfly’s, transparent and glimmerin’, and his halo was a ring of algae. the angel grinned, three rows of sharp teeth, and said, “girlie, god has plans for the bluegills too.”

I just thought it was horribly gorgeous. Perfectly enigmatic. Even though I felt like I couldn't make anything out over what the hell it meant, I felt like I still understood it. It spoke to me, and meant something, though I'd never be able to put it into words.

I read a bunch more from that poet, and since then I've been incredibly interested in it, and trying to expand my diet. I've also started playing with writing poetry, though I don't think any of what I've written so far will go up here.

I'm making this page to make a collection of poetry I like, in plain text html, in readable fonts, since that's usually the format I prefer, and I feel it's sometimes hard to come by.

I'm very new to reading poetry, and so my diet is pretty small and not varied right now.

Still, I'm always yelling about these poems and poets to people, and I want more people to get into poetry in an accessable way. I hope this interests some intrepid websurfers in the artform.


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    Keaton St. James

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